Shaping Your ideas into reality

Who is Zimmer?

Writer | Photographer | Web developer | Graphic Designer

Born & raised in the beautiful city of Namma Bengaluru, Asim a.k.a Zimmer as known by his chota circle of friends, began his journey in the world of creativity at a very young age with a keen eye for detail in design & emotions in his words.

A writer, a photographer, a web developer, a graphic designer and an avid motorcyclist, he loves to travel, but who doesn’t right? He wishes to travel & capture the beauty of our world and write stories about it. Once you get to know him, he is so much more. 

Zimmer Ink, a Content Production House, is his creative brainchild, whose journey began in Sept 2019. He aims to help creators, thinkers and change-makers bring their vision & ideas into existence. 

In simpler terms, Shaping your ideas Into reality.

Interested? Let’s get started.

Asim aka Zimmer


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Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Website Developer

Website development

My Clients

Zimmer Ink has collaborated with creators from various industries. There are no limits when it comes to bringing an idea into existence. You can even shape the world with your idea as long as you believe in it.
With the right set of skills, anything is possible.
All you need is an idea and the right mindset.
Have an idea in mind?

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What People Say About Me

Asim was fantastic to work with, very professional and his friendly manner put me at ease straight away. His ideas and instinctive understanding of light, color and composition produced so many beautiful photos. I couldn’t be happier with the photos i recieved.


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